Designed for Appraisal Fieldwork

Eliminate tracking down and organizing maps, information, paperwork, and property record cards before making another site visit. Now, everything your appraiser needs for field work can be found within the Orion Field Mobile Windows Store app.

  • Assign, manage, and provide quality oversight of appraisal tasks
  • Achieve greater efficiency in the field and office
  • Reduce mistakes and lower expenses
  • Help your appraisers become as productive as possible
  • Eliminate manual and redundant data entry
  • Save time and money

Use Modern Collection Tools in the Field

Appraisers can access, verify, and edit property information on mobile devices quickly and easily in the field. They have more time and tools to collect the most accurate property data possible and to help your office generate fair, equitable, and defendable property valuations.

  • Leverage the latest technology to assign groups of properties.
  • Choose a property group in the office, then use the application to access the list of sites out in the field
  • Transfer collected and updated property data seamlessly back in the Orion database
  • hoose devices that fit your budget and are the most beneficial to your unique appraisal team

Achieve Greater Efficiencies

Tyler built this tool specifically for appraisal fieldwork, so it is easy for appraisers to use and it provides capabilities that will help them become more productive. Access the list of properties to assess

  • Eliminate in-office pre-work and paperwork preparation
  • Take and upload photos directly from the mobile device
  • Use interactive maps, including satellite imagery, that reference surrounding properties
  • View aerial images to identify new additions, outbuildings, patios, and more
  • Review and update property characteristics and sketches on the mobile device using a touchscreen keypad, drawing canvas, and other tools
  • Rely on validation checks to certify all essential information reflects fair, accurate, and up-to-date property values

Move Closer to a Paperless Environment

Because Orion Field Mobile leverages the latest technologies in mobility, there are many advantages and benefits to appraisers who currently rely on paper and traditional assessment practices in the field.

  • Stop gathering property record cards and other paperwork before making a site visit
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets
  • Use electronic files vs. printed paper reports
  • Avoid having to record photo frames for data entry back in the office
  • Access assigned tasks on the mobile device instead of printing paper reports
  • Reduce the need to carry extra equipment, paperwork, and reports

Save Time, Money, and Resources

Tyler delivers a mobile solution that helps budget- and resource-strapped appraisal offices meet today's increasing challenges for establishing fair, equitable, and transparent property taxation. Now, appraisers gain instant access to the most relevant information while working in the field.

  • Increase the accuracy of data collection
  • Reduce the carbon footprint in your jurisdiction
  • Ensure quick and easy access to data in both the office and out in the field
  • Eliminate manual work such as recording photo frames and rework in the office

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