Integrated Tax Billing & Collections Software

Save your staff valuable time by enabling them to more efficiently process bills, payments, and property information. Because it delivers such speed and efficiency, tax offices in Texas use Orion Collections to produce 7 million tax bills every year — the equivalent of 100 tax bills for every longhorn in the state.

  • Eliminate data entry through tight integration with your Orion Appraisal solution
  • Manage the entire tax billing, collection, and distribution process
  • Control and monitor tax revenue throughout the collection cycle
  • Increase operational efficiencies as you lower your costs and minimize risk
  • Create payment plans and installment agreements for those with delinquent property taxes

Access Combined Records for Faster, Easier Processing

With Orion's assessment administration feature, you can streamline the tax collections process by viewing both property record and taxing unit information in one place.

  • Process collections on both commercial and residential property types with the same tools
  • Bring together owner information along with any exemptions and special assessments into one comprehensive view

Ensure Timely Tax Collections

Quickly and easily process bills, payments, and property and owner information. Empower your staff to efficiently track detailed property maintenance, tax notification, and tax fund collection information through multiple record types.

  • Manage all information and functions related to property tax accounts and billing
  • Track and process bills, property fees, payments, and adjustments
  • Access information on real property, personal property, special inventory, mobile homes, and mineral interests, along with unique identifiers, location, ownership, and more
  • Maintain information on the individual, group, company, or appointed agent that represents the interest of a property owner

Simplify the Tax Collection Process for Everyone

Enable your office to manage the collection process and provide reports on tax information throughout all stages of the collection process.

  • Easily access and manage collections data
  • Simplify processes and ensure efficient and consistent operations with built-in workflow
  • Provide electronic payment importing for credit cards, mortgage companies, remittance processing, and more
  • Enable property owners to pay via credit and debit cards online with an integrated processing service
  • Provide comprehensive reporting for collection activities, including daily collections, deposit reports, disbursements, adjustment audit trail, and more
  • Receive scheduled automated reports

Handle Delinquent Taxes with Ease

Easily process all delinquent property taxes and fees, and create a variety of payment plans and installment agreements.

  • Produce a delinquent roll to identify applicable properties and owners
  • Track properties that have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or warrant
  • Produce letters and installment payment notifications to taxpayers with payment plans

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