Reducing Crime With Data Analytics
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Public Safety Analytics for Actionable Insights

Public safety agencies generate vast amounts of data every year. Every call for service, report taken, arrest made, and suspect booked creates some form of data, which is collected and stored. Agencies can easily take data and turn it into actionable intelligence by using Tyler’s Public Safety Insights, which includes Law Enforcement Explorer, Law Enforcement Analytics, Citizen Connect, and Decision Support solutions.

  • Real-time access to secure data

  • Set alerts detailing daily, weekly, and monthly information to occur at a specific location

  • CJIS-compliant servers reduce in-house maintenance

  • Integrated with New World public safety solutions

Law Enforcement Analytics for Comparative Data

Law enforcement analytics allows command staff to pull data showing not only what’s happening at the time, but also comparing data from day to day, week to week, month to month, and so forth. This data is easily shared across departments, allowing for full insight into what is occurring in the agency and the community.

  • Visually represent crime trends and patterns.
  • Enact tactics and determine their successfulness.
  • Use data to improve operations and efficiency.

Law Enforcement Explorer

Tyler’s Law Enforcement Explorer is a web-based data analysis product that requires little training and can be used by anyone in the department. With this tool, users can synthesize information to create data-driven action plans by setting timely email alerts for incidents that occur at a specific address, beat, quadrant, or any geographic area within the jurisdiction.

  • Automatically updates data.
  • Provides visual, map-based imagery of problem areas.

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Learn how a Florida agency reduced opioid cases by 60% using their own data.

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Stopping Problems Before They Start

With Tyler’s analytic tools, Florida’s Pinellas Park police department is staying on top of safety issues.

Creating safer communities and a more just society.

From dispatch to disposition, Tyler Alliance connects data and processes between public safety and criminal justice departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. By breaking through the silos, Tyler Alliance is improving safety, responsiveness, efficiency, and the administration of and access to justice.

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