Integrated Reservation, Activity, and Park Management Solution

Discover the industry’s leading park and campground management platform designed specifically for local, state, and federal agencies.

  • Replace outdated technology and reduce administrative costs and hassles

  • Boost revenue by allowing customers to pay for everything in a single transaction

  • Maximize park occupancy and build repeat customers with proven strategies

  • Save time with technical support available by phone

  • View park metrics and sales in real time

  • Access the platform online and offline from any device

Simple and Flexible Administration Portal

  • Centralize department administrative tasks and reduce manual processes for overall improved operations
  • Manage your agency with a comprehensive workflow and reporting center
  • Create real-time changes to inventory, prices, program availability, and more

User-Friendly Reservation Website and Call Center

  • Streamline bookings with an easy-to-navigate website
  • Consolidate camping and lodging, online stores, gift cards, rewards programs, and donations
  • Offer engaging interactive maps, calendar views, and reservation-filtering capabilities
  • Offload customer service questions to an integrated reservation call center

Comprehensive Point-of-Sale System

  • Enjoy fast transaction processing and inventory management with an intuitive point-of-sale system
  • Upsell reservations and merchandise all together with a single transaction
  • Process many different passes and permits simultaneously
  • Track all online and on-site sales at the same time from anywhere

Real-Time Data Tracker

  • Access customer transaction data easily and measure results
  • See a unified view of the impact on revenue of every facility, activity, program, and event
  • Identify new growth opportunities with actionable data

Automated Email and Text Messages

  • Send targeted and scheduled messages with videos and other content
  • Apply filters to segment your email list to make messages more relevant and engaging
  • Alert visitors of closures or emergency announcements
  • Automate customers’ arrival and departure notifications
  • Adopt customized email templates to fit your agency’s brand

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