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Put Data at the Heart of Your Organization

The Socrata Connected Government Cloud is an integrated solution designed to put data at the center of every government initiative, policy, and decision. It is powered by Socrata’s FedRAMP-certified and AWS-powered data platform. In addition, the platform includes the analytical experiences required to drive success in some of government’s most important programs.
  • Secure Access

  • Internal Data-Sharing and Collaboration

  • Obtain, Centralize, and Identify Data

  • Financial Analysis and Reporting

  • Performance Management and Reporting

  • Operational Analysis

  • Open Data Programs

Secure, Cloud-Based Data Platform

Socrata Data Platform™ is a secure API platform that enables government CIOs and technical leaders to rapidly modernize their organization’s data infrastructure. It powers a repeatable process by which staff can take data from a number of source systems, automate its flow to the cloud, organize it in a uniform way, then turn it into an always-on service for data reuse downstream.

  • FedRAMP Moderate accredited
  • Discovery API
  • Metadata management
  • Approvals and workflow
  • Users and permissions
  • Native support for OData
  • SODA query services API

Purpose-Built for Government

Socrata Connected Government Cloud was built and designed exclusively for government and is the leading platform for government data solutions.

  • Deployed in 47 states, including D.C., as well as 11 countries and territories.
  • Compatible across platforms and integrates with existing public sector systems to manage a full life cycle of data.
  • Supports a data-driven response to recent legislation, burgeoning industries, and newly developed government priorities.

Financial Insights

Socrata Connected Government Cloud transforms how you put your finance data to work while improving accountability with self-service citizen access. Improve cost efficiency, operational insights, and internal and external transparency by opening up your financial data.

  • Track budgets, spending, vendor payments, capital projects, and HR data
  • Flag anomalous payments, cash flow interruptions, or budgetary overruns with intelligent alerts and conditional triggers
  • Easy reporting and storytelling
  • Insights dashboard

Performance Insights

Socrata Connected Government Cloud ensures your targets and measures are based on data. With current and comprehensive information, you can link resources to outcomes and gain support for your programs.

  • Enable evidence-based performance management programs by creating goals, targets, and milestones dashboards
  • Internal dashboards and self-service reporting
  • Report and data-sharing with teams and individuals
  • KPI metadata and API management

Operational Insights

Socrata Connected Government Cloud allows you to easily and quickly spot trends and see the meaningful patterns in your data so you can empower project teams to ask the right questions, take action, and reduce time spent studying decisions and results.

  • Self-service queries and visual analysis
  • X-Connect application
  • Incident alerts
  • Self-service discovery and visualizations
  • Data-sharing between individuals and teams
  • Open data approval workflow
  • Self-service reporting and storytelling

Public Engagement

Socrata Connected Government Cloud enables a simple and easy-to-use open data application for active public engagement and transparency. It comes with the open data capabilities that enable users to choose to publish data or insights generated on the platform.

  • Open Data Catalog
  • Public APIs for datasets, metadata, and discovery
  • Data pipeline and metadata management
  • Interoperability between catalogs through data.json
  • Mapping of geospatial data

How Michigan Busts Data Silos

The state of Michigan has leveraged Socrata's open data solutions since 2014 and now is tapping into internal insights with the Socrata Connected Government Cloud, an advanced internal data-sharing platform. Hear how Justin Baker and the team of the State of Michigan Office of Good Government leverage the Socrata Connected Government Cloud to democratize access to clean, trustworthy, and secure data.

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