On-site Data Analytics Trainings for Governments

Socrata Data Academy provides government leaders and employees with the strategies, tools, and skills they need make our public institutions smarter and more effective. We deliver on-site data analytics trainings and workshops so that you can empower governments’ most valuable resource: its people.

Why Invest in Data Training For Your Employees?

  • Upskill your workforce so they can derive insights for their data 
  • Boost employee buy-in, morale, and capacity to innovate
  • Develop a sustainable foundation for comprehensive government data initiative

Data Retreat

Data Retreat is a two-day workshop designed to give government analysts, program managers, and front-line employees the time, space, and skills needed to unleash their creativity in addressing important challenges facing their communities. We believe that people learn best by doing, so Data Retreat focuses on improving data literacy by empowering government workers to solve real problems with real data.

Learn how the City of Austin and City Of Little Rock leveraged Data Retreat to put employees at the heart of their data strategy. Watch this webinar.

Analytics Accelerator

Analytics Accelerator is a half-day workshop designed to help government leaders, program managers, and analysts identify home run data analytics projects that drive impact, are achievable with existing resources, and develop organizational capacity. Analytics Accelerator empowers your government to find meaningful opportunities to create data-driven service improvements and develop one-page execution plans so that they are clear on the specific tactics needed to ensure success.

Learn how the City of Los Angeles and Municipality of Anchorage are propelling their data programs with home run analytics projects. Watch this webinar.

Lead with Data

How to Lead with Data is a one-day, on-site workshop for executives and senior leaders who want to understand how they can use data – government's most abundant and underleveraged asset—to drive better outcomes. The class will explore the potential of data to fundamentally transform public service delivery, tactical frameworks for putting data to work in driving better services, and the key components of building a sustainable foundation for managing and leveraging data.

The workshop in non-quantitative and requires no prerequisites other than a strong interest in using data to lead more effective public sector organizations. The workshop makes use of extensive real-world examples of how data has been applied in government contexts to drive better services.

Supercharging government intelligence with Excel

This 2-day training will take your Excel skills to the next level and give you the confidence and experience to discover new insights to improve the lives of citizens in your area. You’ll learn how to clean and prepare data for analysis, build forecasting models, and present your results with clear visualizations. This interactive workshop includes lots of tips and tricks to make your work go faster and lots of in-class practice time to refine your skills.

Introduction to R programming for government analytics

R programming is a powerful skill that will help you automate your work, discover new insights and tell stories with data. This three-day training will turn you into a confident R programmer and data analyst to speed up tedious data cleaning and dazzle colleagues with a variety of data visualizations. You will be able to analyze data efficiently and effectively, create predictive models, and build beautiful visualizations to help you solve critical problems for your constituents. This hands-on workshop optimizes learning by integrating practice time and discussion time in class to improve retention and provide individualized support.

Data Science and Machine Learning for government decision-making

This three-day training will turn you into a savvy data scientist with a solid foundation in unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques. You will elevate your knowledge of R to build data models and evaluate them, find new patterns in data, and predict behaviors and events. The workshop optimizes learning by integrating practice time and discussion time in class to improve retention and provide individualized support throughout the session.

Learn how the Department of Health and Human Services upskilled their workforce to improve efficiency. Watch this webinar.

Data Academy Client Success Stories

City of Little Rock

The City of Little Rock generated momentum in Socrata Data Academy to promote a streetlight data collection effort to improve neighborhood quality of life

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City of Austin

The City of Austin engaged the public to answer critical questions around traffic mobility and safety

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City of Nashville

The City of Nashville converted a Socrata Data Academy capstone project into an analytics initiative that identifies frequent flyers of ambulance

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Read a StateScoop

Read this article by Socrata Data Academy director Oliver Wise (former City of New Orleans’ analytics lead) on the value proposition of data in government

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