Unleash Siloed Data

Socrata Finance Cloud transforms how you put your finance data to work while improving accountability with self-service citizen access. Improve cost efficiency, operational insights, and internal and external transparency by opening up your financial data.

  • Budget Explorer
  • Capital Projects Explorer
  • Expenditures Explorer
  • Insights Dashboard
  • Pensions Explorer
  • Open finance approval workflow
  • Easy reporting and storytelling

Reduce Costs

Built-in reports enable proactive fraud and trend identification.

  • Your single source of data eases communication of information to internal teams as well as to the public
  • Leaders can gather insights instantly, from any device, rather than waiting weeks for reports from analysts
  • Previously siloed data is turned into actionable information through gathering, sharing, and reporting
  • The Insights Dashboard helps identify problem financial practices before they become costly crises

Involve Policymakers

Offer policymakers a self-service, flexible dashboard that shares insights into the health of local government.

  • Facilitate access to the range of economic development activities your office coordinates, such as labor and industry characteristics of counties across a state
  • Allow policymakers to explore, analyze, and benchmark regional budgetary and expenditure data for all local entities within a state or county
  • Compare data across jurisdictions and allow for benchmarking to identify outliers and best practices
  • Integrate with national metrics and data for additional analysis

Engage Citizens

Interactive dashboards increase transparency into the allocation of tax dollars.

  • Dashboards increase access, use, and consumption of your data
  • Insights and other dashboards automatically create tables, graphs, and other visualizations
  • Open Finance applications enable any person to understand how you are collecting and spending tax dollars

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Helping Governments Deliver on Their Programs

The Socrata Financial Insights Solution allows you to use your financial data to improve cost efficiency, increase operational insights and financial oversight, and develop transparency and accountability both inside of your organization and with your citizens. Citizens are motivated to understand where their tax dollars are being collected and spent. Every aspect is designed to improve cost efficiency, shift to a self-service citizen experience, and improve accountability.

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