Use Easy-to-Interpret, Cloud-Hosted Data to Tell Stories and Connect With Your Community

With Open Data Cloud, your citizens, businesses, developers, and community organizations can easily access the most up-to-date data. Our open data platform organizes it in easy-to-understand charts and graphs, putting your open data program on the path to building strong partnerships for a better community.

  • Open data catalog
  • Public APIs for datasets, metadata, and discovery
  • Interoperability between catalogs through data.json
  • Data pipeline and metadata management
  • Mapping of geospatial data

Data Your Audience Understands

Open Data Cloud transforms data into a meaningful, interactive asset that is easy to discover and surfaced to the right audiences at the right times.

  • Transform your data into interactive graphs, charts, and maps
  • Enhance your data's reach with discovery, query, and metadata APIs
  • Maximize your data's value by sharing it with others through the built-in catalog or on social media
  • Embed content within existing web pages or host it on your open data homepage
  • Give technical developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs easy access to data through the Socrata Open Data API (SODA)
  • Support multiple data formats — .csv, .xlsx, .json, .geojson, .zip (shapefile), and more

Above and Beyond Open Data Capabilities and Convenience

Our open data platform supports your broader digital strategy with the delivery of interactive, mobile-friendly, customized digital services for citizens and businesses.

  • Citizen Connect: shows high-interest, public data in an interactive, mobile-friendly map; provides alerts, analysis, and guided exploration of topics impacting people's daily lives
  • Perspectives: helps you tell stories online — with photos, embedded charts, data tables, narratives and more — connect the dots between policy and outcomes
  • Custom dashboards: highlight key information for decision-makers — drawing from your data sources and measuring performance and trends in your data
  • Socrata financial data suite of apps: connects to Open Performance, Open Budget, Open Payroll, Open Payments

Share All Data Types: Geospatial, Financial, Public Safety, and More

Because data comes from multiple sources and in varied formats, our open data platform is flexible, robust, and able to host data on a variety of topics.

  • Geospatial data: supports informational maps about capital projects and schools
  • Financial and economic data: tax revenues, real estate values, and hotel booking rates provide insight into the health of the government and local economy
  • Public safety data: show the locations of crimes, use of force, and traffic fatalities
  • Education, the environment, healthcare, parks, transportation, justice, housing, and permitting: a few other examples of how governments have used the open data platform to share data with the public

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