Provide the Best Education for Each Child

Tyler's Special Ed was developed to help you keep everything running smoothly while you strive to provide the best education for each child. We give you the tools to meet the needs of students, teachers, and parents, and to stay compliant.

  • Manage referrals, evaluations, and IEPs

  • Track data required for state reporting

  • Produce comprehensive evaluations

  • Rely on real-time case manager workflow

Special Ed Supports Educational Excellence For Every Student

Critical Assessment and Evaluation

  • Stay compliant by creating, maintaining, and updating IEPs
  • Easily produce IEPs and evaluations through drop-downs, lists, and check boxes to streamline reporting
  • Track data related to special needs, case managers, and other services in one interface

Complete, Integrated Reporting

  • Access simple reporting templates and case manager rosters
  • Seamless integration with Tyler's SIS K-12 and the core data used for state reporting
  • Manage documents and files within the program

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