AP Automation and ERP Integration

  • Industry: Municipal
  • Location: Ballston, New York
  • Employees: 30
  • Population: 11,500
  • Tyler Client Since: 2018
  • Tyler Products Used: ERP Pro, powered by Incode®, AP Automation, Content Manager, Time & Attendance, powered by ExecuTime

Growing With Your Community

Erin Hadcock grew up in the town of Ballston, New York, a hometown she takes great pride in. And, after years of accounting work in the private sector, she is eager to serve the community she loves. With a background in tax and private equity accounting, Hadcock transitioned into her current role as bookkeeper to serve her community and be a part of its foreseeable growth.

“The town has been in a growth period for a long time,” said Hadcock. “You can attribute a lot of that to the team that’s been in place at the town since we implemented ERP Pro, powered by Incode®, and their desire to keep new technology at the forefront of that growth.”

Hadcock now plays a critical role in bringing more up-to-date technology to the town. Their organization has a vision for how their growth translates to the finances of the town and the need to modernize, which led them to turn to Tyler Technologies to help build a customizable system with their growth in mind.

The Road to Modernization

In 2019, Ballston began using Tyler’s ERP Pro solution to support their financial and human resources management needs. Since then, they have added Utilities Pro, Time & Attendance, and, now, AP Automation.

“We saw a webinar covering accounts payable processes. Our faces lit up seeing the potential this software could bring to not just our office, but to the town staff as a whole,” Hadcock said. “And, start to finish, how much time and administrative burden it could save.”

In the past, the process for paying vendors for services happened once a month. “All payments had to go through a really specific approval process, followed by a town meeting where everything would be approved,” Hadcock said. “Following approvals, we would print upwards of 150 checks that needed to be manually processed and signed by different departments. It was a full day’s work to put the month’s book together.”

Realizing the time savings and efficiency a digitized and automated accounts payable system would bring to the town was the push they needed to move forward.

“We have all of our information self-contained in ERP Pro. Adding AP Automation creates this well-wrapped bundle of information,” Hadcock said. She added that the saw from the start “how connected the systems would be and how easily they could talk to one another.”

A Connected Organization

Within six months of using AP Automation, the town began to see the benefits. Hadcock uses the digital storage and access of files to readily review and share pay stubs and check images when needed. The level of vendor transparency and ability to retrieve pertinent data quickly and accurately has been a game changer for her role and the finance team at the town.

“One of the biggest things that I love about the software is the ability to drill into a payment and look up the details,” Hadcock said. “To quickly access the account and know if it’s complete or still issued, and pull up the check image, is valuable proof and accountability for all of us.”

The Ballston financial team takes pride is serving their community and in doing the job right. Having up-to-date software to run their offices and keep vendors, residents, and staff moving forward has become a critical piece in their progress. With a connected suite of Tyler products, the town of Ballston is moving forward with confidence in their systems and their community.

The night and day relief to have access to information is huge. It isn’t changing our processes, it’s improving them.

Erin Hadcock

Bookkeeper, Town of Ballston, New York

Case Study Highlights

  • How technology shaped their progression and growth
  • What benefits they see in having a single software partner
  • How integrated solutions reduced administrative burden
  • How growth in the financial office affected the town

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