Case Study: Greene County 911

  • POPULATION 47,000
  • SOLUTIONS USED New World Enterprise CAD

It’s been the best thing that we’ve done in many, many years. It’s a breath of fresh air to actually have a system that works.

Randy Ormerod

Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Greene County

Located 150 miles north of Manhattan, Greene County covers approximately 700 square miles in the state of New York. Greene County is also home to two major ski resorts, which brings in many tourists year-round. Because of the mountainous terrain in the county, it’s a popular area to explore, camp, hike, among many other outdoor activities.

Greene County 911 dispatches for 11 police departments, 27 fire departments, and 12 EMS departments. The emergency services center has 15 full-time dispatchers covering roughly 83,000 calls for service each year.


Greene County 911 was at the end of life with their old computer aided dispatch (CAD) system. They were dealing with a high volume of calls, unsupported software, and no mobile or GIS capabilities.

The 911 center experienced delays when working with other counties to provide emergency services to the public. Sharing information and communicating quickly with other dispatch centers was difficult.

It’s mind-blowing technology, and we have advanced so much in three years here in Green County that I would never have thought that I would see anything like this. From CAD to radios, to towers, to phones, to recorders, this place has changed in three years. It’s totally mind-blowing to me.

Neil Kellegher

911 Systems Administrator for Greene County 911

They also struggled with communication between dispatchers and first responders, describing it as a “one-way street.” Without mobile capabilities, first responders relied on dispatchers for all information. This resulted in numerous phone calls between first responders and dispatchers for all questions and clarifications.


In October of 2018, Greene County 911 switched to New World Enterprise CAD. They upgraded their system in 2020 to allow for CAD-to-CAD communication with neighboring Ulster County.


By implementing New World Enterprise CAD, Greene County Emergency Services experienced the following benefits:

  • New World Enterprise CAD provided mobile capabilities, allowing agencies to receive critical information from dispatchers when on-the-go.
    • Agencies can run data from their vehicles whenever needed.
  • Improved communication
    • Sensitive information is no longer shared over the radio.
    • First responders and dispatchers can communicate without making a phone call.
  • Enhanced mapping capabilities
    • Dispatchers can see where all mobile units are located in real-time, giving them the ability to identify the closest crew to an emergency call.
    • First responders in the field can view where other units are located and experience improved situational awareness.
  • Dispatchers are performing 5 to ten less keystrokes during every radio transmission, reducing data input time tenfold.
    • This improvement in functionality is provided by the command line that’s built into CAD.
  • Response times have been cut in half for dual-county emergencies as a result of CAD-to-CAD interoperability.
    • Both Greene County and Ulster County can easily and quickly share information, and that collaboration allows them to respond to calls that may be difficult to track due to poor cellphone service in the area.
    • The moment a call comes in, a process begins in CAD allowing both counties to see critical information, even if the phone call fails.

Case Study Highlights

  • Response times cut in half for dual-county emergency responses
  • 5-10 less keystrokes for dispatchers using New World CAD
  • Communication became a two-way street

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