Case Study: Oxnard Police Dept., CA

The city of Oxnard is a community on the coast of California. It's the 19th most populous city in the state and is located in close proximity to Ventura and Los Angeles. Oxnard has a population of approximately 207,000 in a 27 square-mile-area.

To keep this population safe, the Oxnard Police Department (PD) uses New World Enterprise Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile Messaging, and Field Reporting software from Tyler Technologies.

The Challenge

Prior to using New World, the Oxnard PD was using an antiquated, unsupported public safety software system incapable of meeting their needs due to the following deficiencies:

  • Inability to refresh data in a timely manner
  • Digital maps and mobile capabilities did not work in patrol units
  • Zero connectivity capabilities between the police department and county offices and agencies meant vital information was unavailable
  • Response times were impacted negatively

Because support of this antiquated system was also decaying, officials with the Oxnard PD were concerned as to whether the system would be able to keep up with current and future needs, so they decided that to better serve the community, they needed a public safety software system capable of meeting the needs of the department.

The Solution

In 2011, the Oxnard PD selected Tyler's New World Enterprise CAD, Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile Messaging, Field Reporting, and Decision Support software solutions to meet the needs of the department and constituents it serves.

The Results

Through implementing New World solutions, the Oxnard PD now experiences the following benefits:

  • Mission-critical data is integrated with systems throughout Oxnard and Ventura County
    • Efficiency increased among sworn officers and civilian employees as access to data is free-flowing and fully integrated
    • With field reporting capabilities, officers send data to management while on the road, thereby reducing trips to and from the police station and increasing police presence in the community
    • Mobile capabilities in patrol cars help officers make use of information in the field to serve warrants and positively identify suspects without making calls to dispatch
  • Mapping capabilities are more robust and synchronize without taking CAD offline
    • Updates happen in real time, so dispatchers can route first responders to the call for service knowing all streets, developments and structures in a community are accounted for on digital maps
  • Data analysis capabilities provide command staff with an overview of statistical information detailing crimes occurring, arrests made and citations issued in Oxnard
    • Command staff utilizes this information to create strategic and tactical deployment of resources
    • Reports contain the most accurate information available from the past 24 hours, including crime type, location, time and circumstance, which adheres to universal crime reporting (UCR) standards
    • Daily reports list all arrests and bookings into the county jail

"The reporting capabilities found in New World were unheard of for our agency prior to using this system from Tyler Technologies," Oxnard's IT manager Raja Bamrungpong said.


Sworn officers, command staff, and civilian employees continue to work to make the community of Oxnard safer through proactive policing. To do this, they rely on their public safety software to help them gather intelligence, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.

Industry-leading New World public safety software from Tyler has a proven track record of providing agencies across the country with fully-integrated software designed to help public safety personnel save lives and increase efficiency.

Want to Know More

New World public safety software from Tyler offers fully-integrated and multi-jurisdictional solutions for law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies. Highly configurable, this system is designed to meet the unique needs of any agency.

Case Study Highlights

  • Integrated mission-critical data
  • Real-time updates on CAD maps
  • Instant access to crime stats for strategic and tactical resource deployment

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