Cloud Solutions Power Tribal Efficiency

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Judicial Administration, Tyler’s first tribal court TEA winner, was tasked with the development and implementation of a new and sophisticated court system that would provide convenient electronic access services directly from the Choctaw court’s jurisdiction to all tribal citizens, including those in the rural areas. They also wanted technology that would help reduce the complexity of navigating the judicial process.

To achieve this goal, they worked with Tyler over the course of 18 months to implement a complete SaaS solution to completely revamp their entire judicial process. The solutions deployed included Odyssey Case Manager, Odyssey Judge Edition, Odyssey Attorney Manager, Tyler Supervision, E-File, Jury, and Odyssey Guide & File. With these solutions in place, they’ve changed their very manual process to a more automated process, with the goal to be 100% digital in the next five years.

This transition has put the Choctaw Nation Judicial Branch in the position to be hailed as one of the most efficient tribal court systems in the U.S. It has also given them pride in offering tribal members and Oklahoma residents a judicial process that aligns with their core beliefs and supports their overall goal of respecting their citizens and allowing their voices to be heard.

Case Study Highlights

  • Implemented cloud-based solution to increase access to justice to tribal citizens
  • Deployed complete case management solution to revamp the entire judicial process
  • Provided a system they feel respects citizens and allows their voices to be heard

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