Dallas Increased Transparency and Access

Due to the ever-increasing count of filings inside Dallas County, the county and district clerk sought to provide a more efficient way for attorneys and the public to access information from their offices or homes.

The Dallas County IT, district clerk, and county clerk offices collaborated with Tyler Technologies to integrate their Odyssey case management system with re:SearchTX. The goal was to provide the most information they could while still protecting the integrity of sensitive court data: re:SearchTX users can view both court- and filer-generated case information and documents from both clerk’s offices in real time. Since Dallas is one of the largest integrated re:Search counties in Texas, sitewide users would have access to a vast amount of case information and documents.

The State of Texas partnered with re:SearchTX to unite case records spanning across jurisdictions in all 254 counties into a single database. By integrating with the platform, Dallas expanded the types of records legal professionals can view to include orders signed by the judges and other court-issued documents. In addition to the upgraded search functionality added through the integration, legal professionals and other interested parties can use the platform to enhance their researching tasks. From in-document text searching to custom case alerts, re:SearchTX offers advanced features designed to save users time, strengthen legal arguments, and help attorneys grow their businesses.

With court records now fully available online, users have moved out of the office for in-person requests and onto the web, freeing up office staff to spend time in non-administrative tasks. Additionally, the ease of access has empowered users to access thousands of documents online, and the dollars generated from the associated fees has helped improve the court’s bottom line.

Case Study Highlights

  • Improved access to information for attorneys and citizens
  • Increased efficiency for clerk’s office through online access to information
  • Consolidated systems to give access to case documents dating back to 2016

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