DeKalb Jail Transformed Operations

The DeKalb County Jail Services Division’s legacy system wasn’t robust enough to replace many of the jail’s paper-based systems and processes that were already in place which were time consuming for the jail staff. The limited capabilities also prevented the jail from having true integrations with its justice partners at the DeKalb County Superior Court.

The DeKalb County Jail worked with Tyler to implement the Tyler Corrections jail management solution so they could have a modern system that would enable them to develop a more streamlined process. One area of impact was in the inmate release process. With the jail receiving release notifications sooner through the integrated system, release processing time dropped 50%, from an average of 5-8 hours to 2-4 hours. Another key integration point between the jail and the court was in dealing with warrants. All warrant information is now automatically visible to both court and jail staff, with enhanced abilities to research, act quickly, and keep an accurate count of the number and types of warrants.

This fully integrated and unified system also serves as a single point of entry for all the county’s justice agencies. The system’s different modules, including Tyler Corrections, Odyssey, eFileGA, and other solutions, record all judicial case information from the time a plaintiff files a civil case, or, in criminal matters, from the time of arrest through sentencing, efficiently sharing information among all relevant agencies.

Case Study Highlights

  • Reduced inmate release processing time by 50%
  • Eliminated duplicate data entry for warrants
  • Integrated system consolidates data in centralized location for all justice partners to access

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