Helping RSD #14 Stop Cyber Threats


As in most school districts, Phil Pagano, Director of IT at Regional School District 14 (RSD 14) in Connecticut, must manage a large workload with a small IT staff. RSD 14, which serves the towns of Bethlehem and Woodbury, has just three IT resources who are responsible for over 2,000 students and faculty, a typical ratio in the public sector.

Even though security is a priority for Pagano and his IT staff, there was just no way for them to take the time to review security logs daily. As Pagano says, “Reading log files would take hours out of my day, and that is time I don’t have.”


When Pagano learned that Tyler offered a service that could take this on, he decided to investigate further. Their managed threat detection service, Tyler Detect, is a logmonitoring and threat-hunting solution that puts the task of identifying network threats in the hands of cybersecurity experts. Network threats are found and confirmed, and clients are notified within minutes, 24/7.


Pagano was onboard with the Detect service from the start.

Tyler Detect is unique. There’s nothing in the marketplace that is as detailed and client-oriented as they are.

Phil Pagano

Director of IT at Regional School District 14

Pagano goes on to explain, “The detail I get in the daily reports and user portal gives me better insight into the overall picture of what’s going on with my network. It is very useful and powerful information. I’ve made changes to fortify my network based on the Detect findings.”

When events happen — like someone trying to gain unauthorized access to their network — Detect provides detailed information of the activity. This detailed information, along with the help of the technicians, allows him to quickly determine the source — whether it’s a third-party vendor or some other entity they need to be aware of — and stop the threat in its tracks.

The reliability and effectiveness of the Tyler Detect service lies in the analysts who monitor client networks 24/7. First, they baseline the normal daily activity of a client’s network. That allows them to quickly pinpoint anomalies and determine if they pose a threat.

The District touts this personalized service as a big advantage of Tyler Detect. “The one-on-one service was a big selling point for us because we’re not reaching out to a call center with different people who might not even be familiar with our network,” explains Pagano. “I really appreciate the relationship we have with the Detect team. The consistency of their staff is comforting. They know our systems and environment and can answer questions quickly.”

Tyler is also finding events that my other security layers aren’t picking up.

Phil Pagano

Director of IT at Regional School District 14

Pagano knows the struggle for school IT resources isn’t going away, but Tyler Detect is a cost-effective solution for departments like his. “Most school districts don’t have enough IT personnel. Being able to have an affordable solution like Detect to extend our resources is a no-brainer. Having the professionals at Tyler looking out for us allows us to stay focused on other initiatives.”


Pagano concludes with a hearty endorsement for the Tyler Detect service. “Tyler Detect’s personal service is invaluable and so much less expensive than hiring another IT professional on staff. The value is there. Any school district IT director can relate to and benefit from Detect’s extension of resources and expertise.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Log-monitoring and threat-hunting service delivers provides insight needed to strengthen network security posture.
  • Cost-effective solution boosts cybersecurity resources and expertise, allowing the school’s internal team to focus on other initiatives.
  • Tyler analysts find risky behavior and events that security layers are not detecting, making it easy to stop threats in their tracks.

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