How One CA Court Met Unique Tech Needs

The Santa Clara Superior Court (SCSC) had been heavily reliant on paper-driven and antiquated custom case management systems that were not only outdated, but nonintegrated. This led to many manual processes that were inefficient and redundant, which strained the court’s limited resources and led to large efforts in reconciling and aggregating data for decisions.

The SCSC selected the Odyssey solution and blended it with custom tools to create a unified case management system that addresses their court’s more unique needs. This solution provides an extensive data platform with stability and extends to the court’s custom components, which include reporting, a web portal, internal dashboards and integration endpoints, that supply critical data to their justice partners. The system also offers many out-of-the-box reports for analyzing data court-wide, increasing the court’s ability to make informed decisions, leading to better utilization of resources and higher productivity.

Their partnership with Tyler has delivered a modern tool that allows the SCSC to work more efficiently, with capabilities that fully automate transactions from counter to courtroom. This new case management system has helped eliminate labor intensive, manual processes and reduce backlogs in critical areas of need, such as children and family, while still maintaining the same number of employees. The system also helped in delivering on the community’s expectation of improved access to justice for citizens.

Case Study Highlights

  • Developed unified case management system to meet their court’s unique needs
  • Leveraged data analysis and reporting capabilities for more informed decision-making
  • Reduced backlogs in critical case areas while still maintaining staff levels

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