Leveraging Statewide E-Filing Pays Off

The Wicomico County Circuit Court Clerk’s office used to have only two ways that parties involved in lawsuits at the courthouse could receive court-generated documents – the attorney either had to physically pick up the documents, or the parties would have to wait for them to arrive in the mail.

The clerk’s office took advantage of Tyler’s statewide Odyssey File & Serve implementation – they were the second court in the state to do so – and started distributing their court documents with that system. Parties now receive documents much quicker, and they have saved taxpayer resources in the process. The clerk’s office, the county’s IT department, and Tyler all worked together to ensure everything was configured to meet the clerk’s office needs and that the transfer to this system went smoothly.

The new filing system improved efficiency in the clerk’s office and in their overall court system. Staff is now able to send documents much more quickly, instead of printing, sorting, and mailing documents. They can complete service with a few clicks, enabling them to allocate time to other important duties and projects. Service to the public has improved because parties now receive their documents much quicker and in a well-documented manner. This new system has also reduced expenses by eliminating the cost of paper, printing, and postage for every document that is now served through Odyssey File & Serve.

Case Study Highlights

  • Improved efficiency in providing court-generated documents to involved parties
  • Saved costs on paper, printing, and postage on files previously mailed
  • Improved staff productivity with quicker, more streamlined file processing

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