New Ways to Reach Jurors During Pandemic

The Placer County Superior Court, a longtime Tyler Jury client, had continuously worked with the Tyler team to ensure the court would get the most out of its jury management system. To further streamline its processes, the court explored enhancing its jury management features to ensure it could continue to connect with jurors in a timely manner. Court staff worked with Tyler Jury staff to develop communication and jury management features that would not only benefit the Placer Court, but also other courts using Jury Manager.

This collaborative effort led to a significant expansion in text and email capabilities for the Placer Court. Automated text capabilities allow for messages to be sent at a scheduled time prior to the summons date and then daily with reporting reminders for the following day. Customized messages can be sent to select pools to provide the most up-to-date information to specific prospective jurors, whether it’s reporting or COVID19-related, a vital addition in the court’s pandemic response. Additionally, changes to the jury management online portal improved the court’s ability to make data-driven decisions. Based on how many prospective jurors log on to the portal and complete the eligibility survey, staff can predict to within two or three jurors how many will appear the following day. As the court has had to implement physical distancing during the pandemic, this precise data allowed the court to plan its summons numbers and use of court space accordingly.

Case Study Highlights

  • Expanded messaging capabilities to include prescheduled messages and automated reminders
  • Created customized messaging features to provide up-to-date details to specific jurors
  • Leveraged data tools to more accurately assess juror count during pandemic

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