Partner Spotlight: OmniSystems Inc.

Tyler Platform Alliance Partner OmniSystems Inc. has combined their investigation and audit experience with Tyler’s case management development platform to create OmniAIPI, a program integrity software solution.

Creating Case Management for Program Integrity

Public sector agencies require program integrity solutions for managing the many complaints, audits, and investigations they have to tackle. Auditors and investigators benefit from specialized case management solutions that can help them automate processes, streamline workflows, and make data easier to use for all stakeholders.

OmniSystems, a customer-centric IT company specializing in systems integration, was especially sensitive to this need. Their staff includes former law enforcement and program integrity investigators as well as retired Offices of Inspector General (OIG) auditors and investigators. With their extensive background working in program integrity roles, the team understood the advantages of using powerful case management functionality that is also specifically configured for program integrity initiatives.

OmniAIPI: A Solution With a Solid Background

OmniSystems developed the OmniAIPI (Audit Investigations and Program Integrity) solution based on Tyler’s case management application development platform, powered by Entellitrak.

OmniSystems has a well-established relationship with the team behind the Tyler platform. Not only is the company a silver-level partner in the Tyler Platform Alliance program, but several members of the OmniSystems team previously worked at MicroPact, the original developers of Entellitrak. Entellitrak was developed as a low-code application development platform for case management (MicroPact was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2019). In addition, a number of OmniSystems developers have completed Entellitrak Developer Certification.

“We understand how powerful the platform is, and what a great headstart it gives for developing applications,” said Gary Walker, SVP and chief business development officer at OmniSystems. Before joining OmniSystems, Walker was a vice president of justice and enforcement solutions at MicroPact, informed by more than twenty years of investigative experience at U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Department of Defense, including roles as senior manager and investigator in the federal OIG and Program Integrity community.

“We know we can rely on the Tyler team to provide powerful casemanagement functionality, so that we can focus on the specific configurations needed for program integrity. All of us who have moved on to OmniSystems are excited to continue using the platform while also having the opportunity to hone our specific program integrity subject matter expertise.”

The core components of OmniAIPI include Audits, Investigations, Correspondence, and Complaints/Incidents tracking. The system includes functions for managing evidence, tracking contact and entity records, facilitating the administration of staff records, and allowing for the recording of time – all in the same system.

OmniAIPI allows cases to be resolved efficiently, tracking all of the necessary data throughout every stage of the process with automated workflows. Out of the box, the product includes the functionality necessary to automate program integrity processes. It is preconfigured for rapid deployment but is easily configured to meet an organization’s unique requirements.

Unparalleled Insight Into the Industry's Needs

Public sector investigators and auditors appreciate the mix of technological expertise and investigative experience. “When we speak to Program Integrity officers and OIGs, we speak their language and can demonstrate that we understand their day to day challenges,” said Walker. “Public sector investigations and program integrity activities require specific workflows, specific processes, specific reports, and the ability to be extensible and flexible for clients. We know how to provide all that because we have that experience.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Program Integrity officers must manage complaints, audits, and investigations.
  • OmniSystems chose to partner with Tyler to create a program integrity solution.
  • The Entellitrak-based OmniAIPI combines subject matter experience and technological expertise.

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