Probation Department Integrates with Courts and Increases Efficiency

Alameda County Probation managed its case information on paper and, at times, the staff had to query other county databases and several legacy systems for case information. They would then produce paper documents and track cases and processes manually, which was inefficient, costly, laborious, and time-consuming.

After hearing about Tyler Supervision™ from a neighboring county, the probation department met with Tyler and determined its supervision case management solution would create efficiencies for the staff and easily integrate with the Alameda County court system that’s already using Odyssey Case Manager. This integration would also give county probation officers an immediate view of court data instead of submitting extra requests via email or phone.

The county probation department worked with Tyler to implement the supervision case management system, a first for the county, and integrate it with the county’s risk and needs assessments and mobile application, centralizing efforts on one main system instead of three separate ones. This consolidation enabled them to immediately assign a risk and supervision level that can be provided and viewed in real time by anyone accessing the record, another first for the county and key to up-leveling safety for officers and the public.


  • Integrated risk and needs assessment and mobile application into one system
  • Unified system to drive comprehensive reporting and data-driven decisions
  • Reduced research time required for inquiries and decreased data-cleaning requirements
  • Increased job safety for probation officers and justice partners

Case Study Highlights

  • Probation Officers have immediate view of court data
  • Risk and supervision levels available to anyone with access to records
  • Increased safety for probation officers and other justice partners


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