San Miguel County, NM, Enhances Information Sharing

Industry: County Government
Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico
Number of Employees: 120
Population: 27,760
Number of Years as a Tyler Client: 3
Tyler Product Used: Eagle, Incode® Financial Management, Incode® Human Capital Management


San Miguel county was looking for more efficient ways to turn data to action and streamline workflows. Nestled between the Santa Fe National Forest and the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge, the county had experienced its fair share of struggles with software regarding access, accuracy, and efficiency. After evaluating its operations, the county knew it needed a software solution that could allow different roles in the organization to maximize their potential, minimize redundant effort, and limit bottlenecks. San Miguel would require a way to integrate office interaction and make data actionable.

The county also found this communication and sharing of information between offices and staff needed to be more proactive. Then, it could minimize gaps in collecting data, streamline processing transactions, verify important information, and keep tasks moving. This meant access to data shared between accounts, roles, and offices was critical to operations, and a welcome capability.

However, this shared internal data would need to be accurate and reliable. Through the process of a conversion from one database or software tool to another, it is very challenging to sort and extract the appropriate data for use in a new system. So, with the county migrating from a software tool that did not employ the capability to mass change or batch process, there existed invalid or unreliable data. This caused excess paperwork with significant manual data entry and wasted time and effort. The county needed software that could truly allow the staff to command the land and official records operations, as well as optimize various appraisal and tax processes.

“In the beginning it was a single-entry database. We processed less affidavits. We lost revenue by missing change of ownership exemptions. It was hard on the taxpayer,” said Desiree Trujillo, computer information specialist for the county.

“Numbers never balanced, and they never agreed with what we were reporting. So, it was difficult to report and make decisions off those values,” she noted.

Ultimately, the visibility, up-to-date data, and actively managed tasks were the keys to much of the transformation San Miguel was seeking — a transformation the county noticed upon implementing Tyler’s Eagle™ software.


As the county began its implementation of Eagle, operations saw a shift in accuracy and accountability almost immediately. The organization now clearly views data, removing the constraints of the previous software’s lack of capabilities. San Miguel also employs customized processes to ensure data and tasks progress through streamlined day-to-day workflows. Software tools from Tyler now enable significant opportunities for staff in regard to what they can do. Employees now have the ability to share data, access relevant information, and reduce redundant effort.

Specifically, the interaction through Eagle’s appraiser and assessor modules allows the assessor’s office to do more than it thought possible. After processing roughly 160 affidavits a year, staff noticed certain tasks were incomplete. In 2018, the county processed more than 300 affidavits — realizing an undiscovered opportunity in potential revenue it had not noticed before. Not only can appraisers process parcels faster, they can link documents to parcel information and rely on accurate and real-time data to back up their day-to-day operations. And, with the system tracking these tasks through appropriate workflows, the software holds people accountable and helps to mitigate gaps or errors.

On the tax billing and collections side, the Eagle treasurer module offers San Miguel a way to incorporate the data the assessors provide and keep track of existing internal documentation, transactions, and tasks. At the same time, the software’s collaboration with Eagle assessor features makes the staff’s lives so much easier. If an assessor updates a record, it also appears updated on the treasurer’s side. This allows the offices to confirm the right information and send to the correct address. Now the flow of information helps to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and legwork. The use of more capable technology opens a line of communication the county needs — and it is facilitated by the processing of tasks and data.

Of all the technology implemented by San Miguel, the county’s use of Eagle’s records management module provides the most significant changes to communication and effort — at least from Trujillo’s perspective. Offices minimize bookkeeping duties due to indexing capabilities, process files faster, and access a more reliable database. Staff notice that simply less manual work and keystrokes are necessary with Tyler’s software. Now, county employees have tailored solutions to optimize everyday tasks through the new, fully-capable solutions.

The great thing about Eagle is it’s something that everybody can use. It’s user-friendly and it can be developed based on the unique processes the user takes on.

Desiree Trujillo

Computer Information Specialist

Another benefit for San Miguel is the improved visibility of a person’s account. Noting sibling accounts within a record was something the office didn’t excel at previously, and now it is able to take ownership of the data with confidence before proceeding with any changes. Missing adjustments to records can result in a tax lien on a person’s property. However, with software solutions from Tyler, staff can quickly and easily view whether an ownership record has multiple accounts and apply changes to all related records almost effortlessly, and with data reliability.

Quite simply, the transition to Eagle and the use of multiple features within the solution allowed San Miguel county to get its balance back. County offices are very pleased with the ability to customize workflows and stay on top of day-to-day tasks. The tools are easy to use and are tailored to fit the organization and roles within it.

Trujillo noted, “It’s user-friendly and can be developed based on the unique processes the user takes on.”

The county is just beginning to take command of operations with its new software solutions, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.


It is impressive to note that San Miguel county has only been working with Tyler solutions for a few years, though it is already reaping the benefits of improved workflow in its offices. Data is directed, tracked, and processed with complete control. Overall, the county is more productive, processes more affidavits, spends less time engaging in redundant data entry, and offers employees more access to critical information at their fingertips.

By implementing Eagle and various components to make operations easier, San Miguel county can develop digital workflows and refine processes for maximum efficiency. Taxpayers are experiencing more transparency, and Tyler’s software and support give the offices the ongoing ability to implement changes quickly. As statutes and laws change, the county is prepared to be agile now that its tools can keep up.

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Case Study Highlights

  • The county processed more than 300 affidavits – double the amount of the previous year
  • Assessors’ updates automatically appear on the treasurer’s side
  • Faster appraisal process with accurate, real-time data and documents linked to parcel information

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