School Takes the Paper Out of Paperwork

Jenks, Oklahoma may have a small-town feel, but its growing population has brought challenges to this community. With more than a 75% population boom between 2000 and 2010 and a student population on the rise, Jenks Public Schools constantly looks for creative solutions to get more done using the same amount of resources. Joy Plested, Jenks Public Schools’ director of financial services, believes they have found an answer in going paperless by integrating Tyler’s Infinite Visions® and Tyler Content Manager solutions.

Jenks Public Schools was using the basic document management functionality available within Infinite Visions when Plested started with the school district in 2012. She remembers when documents were being generated and then scanned into the system. “What you scan in is what you have digitally. That’s a big process because you have to start with paper to get the digital image.”

Scan Documents Directly to a Record

Things are different now that they have integrated Tyler Content Manager with their existing Infinite Visions software. Digital images are immediately created and centrally stored for easy access. “Contracts, check copies, direct deposit copies and purchase requisitions automatically become a document in Tyler Content Manager that you can search, send and print,” says Plested. “It saved us a lot of paper just because we don’t have to print it to scan it.”

If you have any concern about your audit trail, disaster recovery, information requests or transparency and accuracy, you really need to have electronic storage.

Joy Plested

Director of Financial Services - Jenks Public Schools, Jenks, Oklahoma

Increase Productivity and Protect Your Agency

Joy is convinced that the transition to digital document storage is inevitable and necessary to get any organization to the next level of efficiency. “That really is the way the world is going. Everything we do right now in our personal lives is accessible online—your banking, checking your credit cards, ordering. Everything is going electronic and this is just really the next step for a business to be efficient.” She also adds that going digital protects the school district and benefits the public. “If you have any concern about your audit trail, disaster recovery, information requests or transparency and accuracy, you really need to have electronic storage.”

Make a Difference Every Day

For Joy and the Jenks Public Schools’ staff, the efficiencies of processing paperwork in a digital environment have really paid off in more than just paper savings. “We all have 40-hour jobs. It’s not like we have more downtime and we can lessen the amount of staff we have. It just lets us be more thorough with the things that we do right now and that’s wonderful. It keeps you from doing the small menial tasks and lets you do big picture things that really make a difference.”

Case Study Highlights

  • Digital document storage protects district and benefits public
  • Digital paper processes create operational efficiencies as well as paper savings
  • Contracts, check copies, direct deposit copies and more are centrally stored as searchable images

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