Statewide E-Filing Streamlines Courts

The Indiana Supreme Court wanted to implement e-filing for all Indiana courts, which included approximately 400 lower courts across the state’s 92 counties along with three appellate courts. To do so, it needed a solution that could handle multiple case management systems and multiple case types. The state’s office of court technology worked with Tyler to implement an e-filing solution that would work for courts across the state.

When the statewide e-filing implementation was complete — one of the court system’s largest technology projects — a litigant could e-file for the majority of case types and types of filings into any trial or appellate court at no cost regardless of the case management system the court utilized.

For courts with Odyssey®, the court clerk could now accept the e-filed pleadings and forward them to the judge electronically, further streamlining case management. E-filing also allowed courts to continue their day-to-day activities when the pandemic hit since litigants could e-file all pleadings, and court staff could work remotely in e-file and Odyssey when applicable.

E-filing provided significant cost and time savings for litigants, courts, and court clerks since pleadings were now coming into courthouses electronically, eliminating any scanning or printing. Attorneys in the state embraced e-filing, noting it as one of the biggest changes and improvements to the legal profession in recent history.

Case Study Highlights

  • Provided e-filing capabilities for courts across all 92 Indiana counties
  • Significant cost and time savings for courts and clerks thanks to streamlined, paperless process
  • Enabled litigants and courts to continue filing activities during pandemic

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