TEA Winner 2022: Moreno Valley, CA

  • Industry: Municipal
  • Location: Riverside County, California
  • Employees: 631
  • Population: 214,000+
  • Tyler Client Since: 2011
  • Tyler Products Used: New World ERP, Content Manager, Cashiering, ACFR Statement Builder, My Civic, Data & Insights


As COVID-19 began sweeping across the globe, few communities were prepared for the impact it would have on their residents, their staff, and their resources. The city of Moreno Valley, California, one of the fastest growing cities in California’s Riverside County, successfully launched an emergency program that provided support for its most vulnerable residents, employees, and local businesses.

To support Moreno Valley’s most vulnerable residents, the city directed its Parks & Community Services Department to identify every potential opportunity to provide and promote wellness and engagement, both physically and emotionally, and use all available funding sources to make the most significant impact possible.


With the quick action of dedicated employees and a powerful easy-to-use software solution, the Financial & Management Services Department used Tyler’s New World ERP to set up a project account to track anticipated expenditures that could occur in more than 150 accounting funds and wages associated with staffing lines across 10 different departments. Their efforts took place just two days before the Moreno Valley City Council declared a local emergency. The project empowered the city to efficiently track costs for services provided to its residents, like:

  • Wellness calls conducted by homebound employees to all Senior Center members to minimize isolation issues and help them locate resources

  • Drive-through food distribution events that provided over 1,000 boxes of non-perishable goods

  • The “We’ve Got You Covered” campaign, conducted at local grocery stores to distribute free masks and hand sanitizer

  • A cross-departmental partnership to create MoVal Meals with local, regional, and national merchants providing non-perishable items for weekly delivery to qualifying residents

The ability to integrate contracts, procurement, and labor costs greatly increases the value of the technology. The city of Moreno Valley uss Project Accounting to track and report on hundreds of projects. “It is one of the most critical systems we own,” according to Dori Lienhard, enterprise systems administrator.

“Using two New World ERP modules, Project Accounting, and eSuite timesheet entry, city staff could respond immediately without worrying about the accounting complexities, knowing the financial data could be easily extracted later,” said Dena Heald, deputy finance director. Tyler’s New World products reduce workload and empower communities with 24/7 online access. With the integration of eSuite solutions citizens, vendors, businesses, and employees now have a secure line of communication anytime/anywhere.

The significance of this successful effort is made particularly noteworthy because of the time saved due to the use of Tyler’s software.

Dori Lienhard

Enterprise Systems Administrator


Tyler Technologies’ New World ERP modules, Project Accounting and its integration with eSuite made it possible to track more than $7 million across 15+ projects and subprojects to document $4.8 million in qualifying reimbursements. “The significance of this successful effort is made particularly noteworthy because of the time saved due to the use of Tyler’s software,” said Lienhard.

While tracking their time with Project Accounting, the accountants calculated an estimated 90% savings in labor hours compared to the time required to track everything manually. In addition to the time Moreno Valley earned back for its staff, the city was able to submit detailed reimbursement request documents that helped to expedite financial recovery from the state. The claim representative from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) remarked that the city’s reimbursement requests were well-documented, and the expenses were easy to reconcile. “The expedited financial recovery of qualified pandemic expenditures is directly attributed to the city’s staff, their skills, and Tyler Technologies’ products. It is an excellent partnership,” according to Lienhard.

Case Study Highlights

  • Financial & Management Services Department were able to quickly set up new accounting funds and wages across 10 different departments.
  • The city could efficiently integrate contracts, procurement, and labor costs for multiple new services and programs established during the pandemic.
  • The ability to track and document millions of dollars in qualifying reimbursements saved the city significant labor hours and resulted in quickly recovering financials form the state.

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