Trojan Found Lurking on City Computer

Tyler Detect helps Auburn, Maine, effectively identify cyber threats.

  • Tyler Detect deployed to detect network threats 24 / 7
  • Trojan malware found by analysts shortly after deployment
  • Threat removed quickly before harm was done

Local governments experience threatening situations every day, some initiated by malicious intent, others due to simple human error. Hackers invent new and sophisticated ways to break into networks, and municipalities must respond with more effective ways to protect their vital information systems, networks, and data.

Among the most reliable, accurate, and proactive tools in the cybersecurity arsenal are the event and audit logs created by network devices. Yet, few organizations have the resources to stay on top of monitoring these logs.

This was true for the city of Auburn, Maine, who had a system providing them 10,000+ log files a day. “Municipal IT staffs aren’t large or specialized,” said Paul Fraser, Director of Information Technology at the city. “We didn’t have the resources or expertise to interpret the log files or make cybersecurity a top focus with all the other activity going on.”

Tyler Detect’s methodology is very unique in this marketplace and because of that, I believe their service sets them apart from competitors and has already shown value to our city.

Paul Fraser

Director of Information Technology City of Auburn

When a nearby city experienced a highly publicized breach, Fraser was able to convince management of the need for assistance. He was pleased to learn Tyler Technologies had acquired a cybersecurity firm that could help.

According to Fraser, “We were happy to hear about the acquisition because we knew the company had a great reputation and offered excellent cybersecurity services. We tried to budget for their cybersecurity solutions prior to the acquisition, but it was hard to convince management. Under the Tyler umbrella, it became a much easier sell.”

Just two days after being deployed to Auburn’s environment, Tyler Detect discovered a machine had been infected with a Trojan, which is a type of malware that tricks users into downloading by posing as a legitimate application. Many Trojans act as a backdoor, connecting to a command and control (C2) server that gives an attacker unauthorized access to the compromised computer.

Upon further investigation, they found that a police machine was potentially compromised through the download of a fake antivirus software. “It just takes one ‘oops’ moment or mouse click to put an organization at jeopardy,” said Fraser. “This is one of the main reasons why we added Tyler Detect to be our watchful eyes and this immediate find confirmed our decision.”

The Trojan was discovered and removed before any harm was done.

Being the victim of a cyberattack is an everyday concern for organizations in the current threat environment. Investing in Tyler Detect has given the City of Auburn an efficient way to add extra resources that can proactively hunt for threats in their environment 24 / 7.

Case Study Highlights

  • The city leveraged a recently publicized breach at a nearby city to convince management of the need for the managed threat detection service.
  • Tyler Detect was an efficient way for the city to add extra resources that have the expertise to hunt down the evolving cyber threats that are a part of today’s business landscape.
  • An immediate finding confirmed their decision to add Tyler Detect to be their watchful eyes.

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