3 Actions for Better Data Programs

The most innovative public leaders recognize data-driven strategies provide the clearest method to navigate 21st-century government: streamlining plans, reducing administrative burden, and allocating resources effectively to achieve the best outcomes. However, implementing the framework to support these initiatives comes with its own set of challenges. Most data platforms are not built for government needs and workflows. Most goals are set without clear directives and broad buy-in. And, most workplace cultures resist major transformation. This white paper delves into three actions local and state organizations can take to launch transformative data analytics programs. These actions will help create consensus around a clear strategy, navigate the technology needs specific to government, and build a culture that can put it to work.

  • Launch a clear strategy. Many can identify the end goal, but how do you navigate the path to get there? A clear data strategy will reduce complications when using data across the organization and provide a meaningful approach to secure buy-in.
  • Leverage the right tech to support data use. Explore the ins and outs of technological capabilities that support government-specific, data-driven goals with special attention to roles, easing the burden on IT staff, and simplifying data preparation processes for analysts.
  • Build a culture that values data. This foundation is the most critical component of creating a data-driven organization. Review specific actions that can drive cultural change and build buy-in across an organization.

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