Building a Resilient Government

Unexpected challenges often arise. As the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, one key to success for state and local agencies is to implement technology that provides a strong foundation for resilient government. That foundation includes a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and a broad portfolio of related systems, all tightly integrated so data flows seamlessly wherever it’s needed.

This white paper explores the advantages of cloud-based ERP, and it offers advice and best practices for adopting these powerful solutions.

Key takeaways

  • In the cloud, employees and constituents can access government services from any location, 24/7. Fires, floods or blizzards may close physical offices, but they won’t shut down government operations. Employees can still provide services from home — whether that means overseeing crisis response and recovery or simply processing routine transactions.
  • Operating business systems in-house requires large, periodic investments in technology. With cloud, agencies transition from unpredictable capital expenditures to predictable operating costs.
  • Besides making it easier for residents to interact with government, a constituent-facing platform saves time and money by eliminating paperwork and reducing the number of transactions agency employees process manually.

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