COVID-19 Recovery Readiness Guide

Government leaders are grappling with a confluence of extreme and unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The compounding challenges put public leaders at the forefront of preserving lives, livelihoods, and organizational health from a fiscal, economic, and operational standpoint.

Immediate action was critical in the early days of the pandemic, but today, these leaders and decision-makers should begin shifting to long-term recovery strategies.

At the heart of these strategies, leaders need granular and actionable visibility into their operations, a clear outlook on outcomes, the tools to analyze the situation and inform decisions, with a clear, shared understanding among all their stakeholders, partners, and constituents.

This guide examines the steps data-savvy government leaders must take to launch effective and equitable recovery strategies and how to carry these strategies forward by identifying a clear problem statement, gathering the data you need to guide policies and decisions, and maximizing the impact of that data for recovery.

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