Transformation, Opportunity in the Cloud

The events of 2020 and 2021 forever changed expectations for how public agencies work, deliver services, and engage with their communities. As the coronavirus pandemic progressed, we saw an accelerated adoption of technology that enabled remote work and facilitated virtual services.

Even though these advancements may have loomed in leaders’ minds as future considerations, their quick adoption in crisis creates a unique momentum and moment of revelation for the public sector: How can these solutions continue to make operations smarter and more sustainable? How can the benefits of mobility, online engagement, and remote citizen interaction continue to evolve and drive communities forward?

This piece explores the important areas of opportunity that come from the industry’s current challenges and discusses why the cloud is the key to leveraging this moment for long-term success. Download the paper to learn how cloud-enabled technology solutions can help any jurisdiction:

  • Improve equity
  • Enhance security
  • Find and deliver solutions to community issues

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