Turn Finance Data on Its Head

Public leaders are tasked with a host of priorities: grow the economy, support infrastructure, and create safer neighborhoods. As we’ve seen in recent months, these priorities exist even in emergency situations.

The ability to achieve strategic goals and weather unplanned crises rests in large part on fiscal responsibility.

The savviest public leaders are ensuring sound fiscal positions by deploying modern approaches to automate manual tasks, cut waste, reduce fraud, and increase efficiencies in service delivery. These steps are even more crucial today, as governments face COVID-19-related budget shortfalls and uncertainty around future revenue.

Central to these activities is meaningful use of an organization’s data. At this stage, there is an understanding that the answer is not simply to launch another web page or dashboard. Instead, finance leaders are looking to lay the long-term digital infrastructure necessary to leverage data and maximize its power.

This guide offers three top strategies to harness your organization’s data for improved operations and fiscal stability.

  1. Prioritize innovation
  2. Centralize resources
  3. Foster collaboration

In addition, we include instructive examples of how public entities across the country build strong digital foundations to achieve success.

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