Building a Vibrant Community with Data

Chattanooga’s performance program, powered by Socrata, includes 86 departments with 209 measures and 55 agencies with 175 measures.

How do you spur departments to continually improve? How do you hold people accountable for program outcomes?

You need honest conversations, clear goals, and the right tools to approach 21st century challenges.

Tim Moreland, director of the Chattanooga Office of Performance Management and Open Data, affectionally called OPMOD, is leading the charge in the city’s performance program. OPMOD focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the city’s services delivery by crafting real solutions backed by data. Moreland’s three-person team includes himself, Ryan Wedell, an open data specialist, and Andrew Sevingy, a performance analyst.

Join the OPMOD team and Justin Bruce, a Socrata program manager, to learn how Chattanooga structured its performance program, secured buy-in, and improved outcomes across a range of city programs.

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