Centralized COVID-19 Data in Buffalo, NY

A major challenge government organizations across the world face as they respond to the pandemic in their communities is ensuring consistent access to secure, reliable, up-to-date data.

Buffalo, New York, created a centralized hub for internal employees and the public at-large to access key information. The hub, built on Tyler's Data & Insights platform, powered by Socrata, features a simple Google-like interface that enables access to critical data for all city hall staff to inform and measure their COVID-19 strategy. And, the public-facing home page, designed with Data & Insights, powered by Socrata, templates, organizes key information and resources for the community. The team leverages platform capabilities, including maps and charts, to visualize critical data and to provide comprehensive and contextualized response information to the community.

See how Buffalo created a one-stop shop for its COVID-19 data in this demo video.

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