COVID-19 Regulatory Recovery Planning

Are you ready for business as unusual? Regulators and agencies are grappling with a rapidly evolving landscape due to the current public health crisis. In our September 9 webinar, Navigating the New Normal: COVID-19 Regulatory Recovery, we consider how you can shape the future of regulatory business operations even as you are dealing with today’s challenges.

“Flying the plane while we’re building it” is something the regulatory community is somewhat accustomed to. Our expert panel will help you put those skills to use as you tackle maintaining staff, services, and accountability while ensuring public protection. In this webinar, we discuss what the future might look like from the perspective of agencies, licensees, and citizens.

You will learn about:

  • Short-term planning for critical functions
  • The new normal: what business as usual may look like in future
  • What regulators need to stop and start doing to be successful
  • Scenario-building and decision-making criteria in fluid environments

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