From Regulation to Collaboration

While the challenges that building and planning departments face are as varied as the makeup of their communities, a common thread ties together the most resilient agencies: empowered citizens. By empowering citizens to take ownership of their community development needs through virtual self-service, innovative local governments have been able to continue driving economic growth throughout the pandemic, and even improve customer satisfaction and permitting efficiency during a season of limited resources and budgets.

In this webinar, Lisa “Lee” Loewer, permitting manager for the City of Marco Island, Florida, and LA County, California’s Art Vander Vis, assistant division head for land development, share how they’re leveraging technology to equip citizens with the tools and knowledge to comfortably serve their own development goals in a digital environment. By prioritizing the customer experience, these leading local governments have transformed their relationship with citizens and businesses — from one of regulation to collaboration. This conversation will provide practical advice for adopting virtual citizen self-service, training customers, and overcoming obstacles in order to cultivate communities where people want to live, work, play, and grow.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn best practices for facilitating a digital community development strategy that empowers citizens and businesses.
  • See the unique obstacles two communities on opposite coasts face in permitting/planning and how they leverage virtual citizen self-service to overcome them.

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