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Social Engineering: How to Detect Fraud

Helping Your Employees Defend Against a Social Engineering Attack

It’s unsettling to think your entire network could be compromised by one wrong click, but it happens all the time. Phishing is the most successful technique employed by cybercriminals. A phishing email often looks legitimate and aims to lure the recipient to click a malicious link or open an infected attachment. Tyler’s social engineering phishing assessment identifies weaknesses that could allow attackers to target unsuspecting or uninformed employees.

  • Increase cybersecurity awareness to foster employee vigilance

  • Identify weaknesses to inform training

  • Unique testing catered to your specific needs

Increase Cybersecurity Awareness to Foster Employee Vigilance

Your employees are an important first line of defense against cyberattacks, and testing their ability to recognize fraudulent email helps to reinforce their awareness training.

  • Using a variety of social engineering tactics, we attempt to lure them into browsing to an unknown website and/or open an attachment.
  • All user activity is tracked back to the specific email address that received the phishing email

Identify Weaknesses to Inform Your Training

Tyler’s social engineering phishing assessment identifies weaknesses that could allow attackers to target unsuspecting or uninformed employees. Results will demonstrate how well your employees are complying with organizational procedures and processes, as well as provide you with valuable data you can incorporate into an ongoing security awareness program.

  • Receive a detailed report of the assessment categories, including scenario descriptions, applicable findings, and incident detection and response metrics
  • Interactive report makes it easy for your team to access the information needed to remediate the findings

Unique Testing Catered to Your Specific Needs

A Tyler cybersecurity professional will work collaboratively with you to develop and design the appropriate messaging for your organization.

  • Phishing campaigns imitate style of phishing attacks used in the wild for real-world results
  • Strengthen your employees’ abilities to spot fraud with themes that will resonate with them

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