Pen Tests vs. Vulnerability Assessments
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Scan For Vulnerabilities to Reduce Risk

Exploiting known vulnerabilities is a favorite technique for cybercriminals because it’s easy and it works. In fact, many highly publicized cyberattacks leverage this technique. An important step to protect your organization from this threat is to routinely scan your network for known vulnerabilities. Our scanning service delivers you actionable results to mitigate network vulnerability risk.

  • Independent analysis by security experts

  • Straightforward, comprehensive reporting

  • Consistent and reliable results

  • Cost effective and flexible

Independent Analysis by Security Experts

Independent testing/separation of duties is an information security best practice because it removes bias and is often more effective at finding vulnerabilities.

  • Delivers expert advice from trained professionals
  • Leverages the latest tools and techniques
  • Prevents the potential for fraud or conflict of interest

Straightforward, Comprehensive Reporting

Most vulnerability scanning solutions provide a stock report listing all known vulnerabilities found during the scan. This report could be hundreds of pages and difficult to navigate. Tyler’s report organizes and consolidates findings, plus we provide you with an action plan.

  • Interactive report of findings is organized, consolidated, and sorted by severity and IP Address
  • Easily view details on the findings, all vulnerabilities on a single IP address, and all hosts that have the same vulnerability
  • Editable action plan included for tracking remediation

Consistent and Reliable Results

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day without fail. These discoveries add to a growing inventory of network exposures that requires constant monitoring and assessment. We can take this burden off your shoulders and keep you on top of this important task.

  • Our licensed commercial vulnerability scanner supports a wide range of network devices, operating systems, databases, and applications
  • Findings are based on the Department of Homeland Security Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database

Cost Effective and Flexible

No on-site data collection is required, which saves you both time and money.

  • Initial configuration and subsequent scans are all done remotely
  • Scans can be performed according to your frequency and timing needs Includes your internal network, external network, or both

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