Courts & Justice Client Success Stories

Courts & Justice Client Success Stories

Courts & Justice Client Success Stories

The best advertising for our products and services has always been our clients themselves. In the client profiles, case studies, and videos on this page, you’ll find actual Tyler clients talking about how they use our products and solutions to provide better service to the public.

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Odyssey File & Serve

Clark County, Nevada
Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) improved court operations with electronic filings using Odyssey File & Serve.
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State of New Mexico, State of Minnesota, & Clark County, Nevada
Clients discuss productivity gains and space savings obtained by e-filing with Odyssey.

Oakland County, Michigan
Exceeds expectations by decreasing lines while funding the project completely with new fees.
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State of Texas
eFileTexas, the largest e-filing implementation in the U.S., was successfully rolled out within 12 months of the Texas Supreme Court mandate.
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Odyssey Integrated Courts & Justice

Collin County
Integrating Court, Jail, DA and Law Enforcement into one system drives efficiency and improves service levels.
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Dallas County
Dallas uses mandatory e-filing to eliminate paper from initiation to disposition.
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Fort Bend County, Texas
Eliminated 22 systems and is saving $100,000 annually by sharing a system between multiple courts and offices.
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Fulton County, Georgia
Odyssey system rolled 14 legacy systems into a single unified case management system, enabling justice partners to easily share information.
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Odyssey Clients
Watch Odyssey clients discuss how Tyler's EverGuide provides continuous improvement and value. 

Odyssey Support Services

Georgia, Flordia & Texas Counties
Georgia, Florida and Texas counties' describe changes to Tyler Support.

Hidalgo County, Texas
Dick Wade of Hidalgo County, Texas comments on his experience with Tyler client support services.
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Odyssey's Tyler Excellence Award Winners

2018 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award Winners

The Tyler Public Sector Excellence Awards were established to highlight clients' innovative and efficient use of our products, and to share these experiences and business value with their peers.

2018 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award Winners
for Texas

  • Dallas County evolved Odyssey system to enhance operations and provide better service to justice partners and citizens.
  • Nueces County implemented Tyler Corrections in only nine months, despite Hurricane Harvey.
  • Cameron County revolutionized court operations by leveraging Odyssey throughout county.
  • Denton County led state in implementing criminal e-filing for eFileTexas.
  • State Court of Fulton County, Georgia transitioned all financial data and transactions into Odyssey to modernize and simplify processes.

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2018 Tyler Public Sector Excellence Award Winners

  • Nevada Eighth Judicial District implemented Odyssey Guide and File to increase access to justice.
  • DeKalb Superior Court, Georgia unified multiple legacy systems with Odyssey to lead the way for integrated justice.
  • Merced Superior Court, California were trailblazers in modern technology and early adopters of Odyssey 2017 Case Manager.
  • Pinellas County Circuit Court, Florida closed the gap to create seamless integration between justice partners using Odyssey.

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Incode Court Case Management

City of Dallas, Texas
Utilizing Software to Improve Court Effectiveness and Efficiency
Watch this video to see how Dallas went from physically handling 600,000 pieces of paper on a regular basis to an electronic system that helped the courts achieve a 100 percent case clearance rate for the first time in more than two decades while at the same time reducing staff costs and improving citation collection rates.
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Incode Court Case Management Client Experiences
Discover our clients' success with Incode Court by learning more about a variety of municipal court implementations.
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City of Arlington, Texas
Arlington improves business processes and recovers uncollected revenue using Incode Court Case Management.
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City of Belton, Missouri
Belton’s Municipal Court uses Incode Notification for Courts to decrease the number of Failure to Appear cases saving time and money.
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City of Carrollton, Texas
Carrollton eliminates case backlog and moves to virtually paperless court system.
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City of Clarksville, Tennessee
Clarksville improves efficiency of citation processing and makes citations available digitally.
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City of Granite City, Illinois
Granite City integrated software systems between city departments, improved business processes and increase customer service.
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City of Hurst, Texas
Hurst increased revenue collection and acheived costs stavings and improved efficinecy using Incode Court Case Management.
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City of Lake Oswego, Oregon
Lake Oswego Municipal Court cut credit card processing time from five minutes to 30 seconds with Incode Court Case Management.
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City of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Las Cruces Municipal Court integrated their court and financial software to increase transparency and save resources.
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City of Moore, Oklahoma
With Incode Court Case Management, Tyler Notify and Brazos eCitation, Moore increased cash collections using electronic notifications and decreased warrants issued while reducing manual ticket processing time from hours to minutes.

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City of Wichita Falls, Texas
Wichita Falls Municipal Court used Incode Court Case Management and Incode Court Online to reduce staff workload, increase cash collections and decrease foot traffic.
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Coulee Region Joint Municipal Court
Onalaska, Wisconsin

Incode Court Case Management powerful reporting proves beneficial across multiple municipalities
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Fresno Superior Court
Converted two different case management systems for all case types to Odyssey® — nine months ahead of schedule and under budget.

Gillespie County, Texas
Small county eliminates IT costs and headaches but not functionality by implementing a SaaS solution.
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Kendall County, Texas
Kendall implements a full‐featured case management application on a tight budget.
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Kerr County, Texas
Kerr County speeds up processing by reducing wait times.
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Miami-Dade County, Florida
Miami-Dade County decreases dependence on paper and saves hundreds of hours a week.
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Odyssey Client Experiences
Discover our clients success with Odyssey by learning more about a variety of statewide and county implementations.
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State of Indiana, Judicial Technology and Automation Committee (JTAC)
Hear from local court officers and staff in Hamilton County, Indiana, regarding their experience before, during, and after the implementation of the Odyssey statewide case management system.
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