Citizen Services & Revenue

Citizen Services & Revenue


Citizen Services & Revenue Software Solutions

Helping you provide more services, more efficiently to the public

Citizens want to play a role in deciding how their tax dollars, fees and fines are being spent. And they want complete, real-time visibility into government programs and processes. It’s clear that government officials need new tools for better gauging and understanding the preferences and needs of constituents in increasingly diverse communities.

Better tools are also needed for re-engaging citizens in the dialog about community direction and improvement. This means making it easy for citizens to access government information and interact with their officials. State and local governments must also make it easy for citizens to pay their taxes, fines and fees, enabling organizations to collect every dollar owed and helping to ensure services are funded.

With Tyler’s citizen services and revenue solutions, it's easier than ever to deliver robust value-added citizen services — while improving efficiency and effectiveness within your enterprise. Harness the power of Web-based services to more efficiently handle tasks for you:

  • Extend business hours — Provide convenient 24-hour access.
  • Alleviate routine requests — Give citizens access to frequently requested information.
  • Create efficiency — Deliver up-to-date data while reducing paper usage.
  • Save citizens time — Citizens access information directly.
  • Reduce carbon emissions — Citizens no longer have to come to your office for services.

Our powerful ERP applications empower departments within local and state governments to better manage citizen-facing services such as animal licensing, motor vehicle registration citizen self-service, special assessments, parks and recreation management and much more.