911 Dispatch

Public Safety Dispatch Software

Computer Aided Dispatch Software

Reliable, effective communications for police officers, fire and emergency personnel.

Tyler’s computer aided dispatch (CAD) software allows dispatch personnel to accelerate the sharing of mission-critical information with first responders. Our CAD solutions manage single or multiple agency dispatching and are integrated with Tyler’s public safety and courts software to deliver a 360 degree view of the incident, the associated parties and location information.

When a call comes in, dispatchers can quickly direct units to the scene through a highly-intuitive interface and comprehensive data integration. Situation awareness is maximized through the advantages of real time visual warning alerts, name and address history, automatic call logging, address verification, robust messaging integration and much more.

Tyler’s CAD systems work more efficiently by combining both command line and object oriented functionality designed to perform with single or multiple agency dispatching, while supporting name and address history, automatic call logging, address verification, visual warning systems, and more...so your agency can work safely and effectively.

Mobile Operations
Mobile functionality allows officers to continuously communicate with dispatchers, other officers and their agency while in the field. With laptops, tablets, or handhelds, mobile operations functionality connect officers directly to the main system through encrypted transmissions over a secure wireless network. Officers in the field can access records, create reports, receive “silent” dispatch command, and more. Staying in touch and up-to-date ensures your officers work safely and more efficiently.