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True stories from dispatchers, law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel who use Tyler public safety software to help them save lives, protect communities and increase efficiency.

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Officers Issue Citations in Less Than Three Minutes
While traffic stops are a dreaded encounter with law enforcement for many citizens, they generally only lead to a punishment of inconvenience: a fine, an increase in insurance premiums or a defensive driving course. For officers, however, traffic stops can be deadly. Read more »

When Disaster Strikes: Three Ways Law Enforcement is Using Technology to Stay Connected During a Crisis
It can happen in just a matter of minutes. One call avalanches into dozens, the emergency center dispatcher's screen flashes relentlessly, and a typical day is suddenly reduced to a single event that will define the community for years to come. Read more »

Working Together to Fight Crime
In emergency situations, it's common for law enforcement officers and fire crews to respond to the same call for service. While it may seem as though these entities perform widely different tasks, their roles are vital in numerous critical situations including responding to the same motor vehicle accident or any incident involving injuries. Read more »

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