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True stories from dispatchers, law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel who use Tyler public safety software to help them save lives, protect communities and increase efficiency.

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As Gangs Use Technology to Spread, This Police Department Leverages it to Stop Them
When a federal law banned over-the-counter sales of medicine containing the synthetic drug pseudoephedrine, Texas saw a steady decrease in the abuse of methamphetamines. Just over ten years later, however, the numbers are on the rise again. Read more »

Data Sharing Helps First Responders Track Down Killer
First responders are used to dealing with the unexpected, but it's not every day that two different calls for service result in connecting two grisly murders. In September of 2017, dispatchers at the Shawnee County Emergency Center routed first responders from the Topeka Fire Dept. and Topeka Police Dept. to an apartment complex for two seemingly unrelated calls. Read more »

Officers Issue Citations in Less Than Three Minutes
While traffic stops are a dreaded encounter with law enforcement for many citizens, they generally only lead to a punishment of inconvenience: a fine, an increase in insurance premiums or a defensive driving course. For officers, however, traffic stops can be deadly. Read more »

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