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Larry Frazier
Implementation Analyst,
School Solutions

As a former principal
and district technology coordinator, I understand how schools work and how a quality school information system can be used to improve teaching and learning by providing accurate, timely information to students, parents, teachers and administrators, allowing them to make data driven decisions.

Accounting, Financial & Human Resources Software for Schools

Functional software solutions for great efficiency and effectiveness

When it comes to the financial management, accounting and human resources software needs of schools, districts select Tyler School Solutions because of range of functionality our products offer as well as for our understanding of and commitment to your business. Our software products make it easy for managers to get the information they need, when they need it and in the format they desire.

Human Resources & Payroll Software
Products for Schools

Human Resources Software Solutions
for Schools

Tyler’s human resources software products integrate all employee data from hire to retire — helping you easily manage personnel and payroll data and processes and ensuring you get the most value from your workforce.

Our software helps you actively plan for change, achieve organizational goals and enhance workplace performance. It helps you hire and retain the right employees. And it helps you make strategic decisions about your school district and your workforce.

Human resource directors and other personnel professionals are able to:

  • Gain insight into their workforce and make fact-based decisions through centralized employee information screens
  • Hire and retain the right employees to meet school and district objectives
  • Perform employee skills assessments and analyze results against objectives for evaluations and succession planning
  • Align employee, school and district goals
  • Provide school district employees with instant access to information needed to successfully follow policies and procedures and make positive contributions to the district
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with school personnel management
  • Forecast future salary and benefit costs, including step and contract increases, and simulate changes to positions during a specified time period
  • Identify, assess and mitigate workforce risk
  • Track employee certifications and training.

Accounting & Financial Software
Products for Schools

Accounting & Financial Management
Software Solutions for Schools

Tyler’s financial management and accounting software solutions helps you streamline all of your school districts’ most essential business functions. Our solutions integrate your important financial, budgeting and procurement data, as well as centralize tasks and processes throughout your school district.

Using Tyler’s financial management and accounting software for schools, business managers and financial professionals have the ability to:

  • Focus budget decisions on results and outcomes
  • Produce financial statements in conformity with individual, state and federal guidelines
  • Access detailed fund and budget information in a seamless, real-time and intuitive manner
  • Increase organization-wide visibility into budget compliance and financial status
  • Provide real-time insight into business processes for strategic decision making
  • Reduce planning and budgeting cycle times
  • Optimize cash flow through performance measurement, analysis and forecasting
  • Proactively analyze spending reports and identify areas where supplies or services are needed or where contracts can be renegotiated
  • Streamline procurement processes.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Tyler Cloud-Based Solutions

School financial and workforce management software such as Incode, Infinite Visions and Munis are also available as a cloud-based solution.

Tyler is committed to offering the most effective and efficient software delivery methods to our clients, whether online or on site.

Contact us to help determine the right solution for your situation.