Transportation Management for Schools

Student Transportation Management Software Solutions

Tyler helps you deliver efficient, informed, and safer student transportation

When information flows seamlessly between transportation directors, administrators, drivers, and parents/guardians, school districts can deliver safer, more efficient transportation to every student. That’s why Tyler Technologies provides a complete, integrated suite of student transportation solutions.

Our Traversa® and Versatrans® software solutions, GPS hardware, and Tyler Drive™ on-board tablet connect every aspect of transportation management, helping districts advance their operations and make student-first decisions.

Our solutions also include online information access portals, mobile apps that show when the student’s bus will arrive at their stop using GPS data, and student tracking alerts. This technology shows parents that their district has an ongoing commitment to that safety and connects them with the information they need to feel secure and informed.

Versatrans for Every Aspect of the Transportation Process

The Versatrans product suite offers a complete student transportation management solution, one that helps districts improve every aspect of the transportation process — or focus on just one piece. Versatrans provides advanced functionality to handle even the most complex district's needs. Each installation is customized to fit the district’s unique needs and clients have access to our world-class support services.

By providing transportation officials with access to the data they need — such as stop location, student time spent on the bus, each student’s assigned school and vehicle mechanics — our software helps your district effectively manage your students’ transportation, ultimately helping to ensure student safety.

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What Clients Say About Versatrans

In the aftermath of disaster, Versatrans helped Joplin, Missouri schools adapt to ever-changing needs.


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Traversa Delivers — Powerful. Flexible. Comprehensive.

Student transportation is more than about routing, it’s about proactive fleet maintenance, trip planning, timely parent communication and so much more. Which means that your technology must support you in every aspect of your work.

That’s why we developed Traversa, a holistic, integrated student transportation management software system delivered as a cloud-based solution.

Traversa’s core functionality includes bus routing, fleet maintenance and work orders, trip management, AVL/ GPS tracking, entity management (students, vehicles, employees, etc.), messaging and alerts, planning and operations, and reporting.

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Watch the Traversa Overview Video

Watch this product overview video to learn more about Traversa!