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Tyler Alliance's Integration Advantage

Connected, Collaborative and Secure

From the incident report to prosecution and from sentencing and corrections to final release, an integrated criminal justice system easily passes information about the incident, case and parties involved back and forth between all the agencies.

911 Dispatch Improved Response and Better Information for Dispatchers
Dispatchers increase safety across jurisdictional boundaries with more accurate knowledge, historical data and improved situational awareness. 
 Police Officer Increased Safety and Better Decisions for Police Officers
An officer at a crime scene quickly accesses suspect identification, historical arrest records, open warrants and gang affiliations from the records management system, empowering him/her to make better, faster decisions.
Jailer Improved Security and Efficiency for Jailers
Data from officers is automatically sent to the jail so suspects are pre-booked when they arrive. At intake, jailers can access warrants, behavior and gang affiliations to better control where subjects are placed.
Court Clerk Increased Automation and Efficiency for Court Clerks
When a clerk creates a case file, critical information is already pre-populated and available from the jail and prosecutor. 
More Informed Decisions for Judges
When a judge makes a decision on bail or case disposition, he/she can easily access real-time information about jail behavior, custody status and the latest warrants in neighboring jurisdictions.
Prosecuting Attorney Saved Time and Resources for Prosecutors and Attorneys
Prosecutors and attorneys are able to make more better decisions based on easily accessible detailed information — status updates, party data, hearing schedules, warrants and more.