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Automate Critical Information Sharing with Tyler Alliance

Tyler connects criminal justice departments, agencies and jurisdictions better than any brand in the market.

More so today than ever before, criminal justice information must be easily shared among departments, between agencies and across jurisdictions. Exchanging this information can be challenging — siloed databases, disparate software products, paper files…the list goes on. But the result is the same — operational inefficiency, duplication of effort, poor communication, missed opportunities and potentially dangerous consequences.

You need software solutions that share critical information without barriers. You need a direct approach that does not leave you choosing between complex, custom development projects or implementation of dozens of products that may or may not be able to connect and share information.

You need Tyler Technologies. You need Tyler Alliance to help you break down barriers and share information more easily and more securely across all public safety and justice agencies. 

Why Tyler?

Tyler has developed and assembled the best-in-class products required for an integrated end-to-end criminal justice solution. Only Tyler has the vision, resources, domain expertise and passion to focus on your unique needs.

Not only are these solutions already best of breed as standalone products, Tyler software increasingly shares a technology platform, making information sharing simpler and more robust. This also makes it easier for IT to implement and maintain. 

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Jurisdictions Using Tyler Products

75% of Americans live in the jurisdictions that use Tyler products

What is Tyler Alliance?

Tyler Alliance is a multi-agency, distributed platform that integrates public safety and criminal justice systems by connecting departments, agencies and jurisdictions. 

Anchored by a common foundation, Tyler Alliance seamlessly connects Tyler products, enables them to operate more collaboratively and securely share data via connection points across multiple applications making the user experience for staff more consistent.

From dispatch operators, police on patrol, fire departments and emergency services to court clerks, trial judges, prosecutors, corrections staff and probation officers, improved information sharing enhances decision making, increases safety, automates processes, saves time and reduces errors.