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Make your community stronger, more vibrant, more secure and more prepared

From the largest cities and suburban areas to small rural towns and counties, we see you — our local government leaders — at work every day providing safer, stronger, healthier and more inclusive communities.

At Tyler, we want to make it easier for you to drive economic growth, focus on your residents’ needs and deliver results-oriented government. Technology can make this happen.

Tyler Nexus is an inter-community, distributed platform that connects the core functions of local government: appraisal, tax collections, records, community development, utility billing, asset maintenance, finance, administration and schools.

Connecting essential services enables information to flow seamlessly between departments and across jurisdictions.

  • Public sector leaders can make informed decisions.
  • Government is more transparent.
  • Residents are more engaged.
  • Doing business is easier.

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With our resources, domain expertise and passion for local government, Tyler is uniquely positioned to connect the essential services and processes of local government across city, county and regional lines.


More than 15,000 public sector offices use Tyler products. This diverse install base creates the network effect that powers Tyler Nexus.

Tyler Nexus Network Effect

The more agencies there are in connected communities, the more data is shared, the more processes are connected, and the more value is added - that's the network effect.

At Tyler, our passion is local government. We believe when government succeeds locally and creates thriving communities, it becomes a positive force for change at the national level.

Tyler Nexus Connects Core Functions

Tyler Nexus provides the foundation for improved information sharing, enhanced decision making, and automated processes.

Tyler Nexus revolutionizes how you work.

  • Access integrated budget and payroll data
  • Achieve complete view of client account and activity
  • Eliminate manual and paper-based processes
  • Ensure uniform and fair taxation
  • Expand reporting and accounting automation
  • Extend web inquiry and payment to citizens
  • Improve revenue collection across organizations through integrated receivables
  • Provide employees online access to manage personal information, benefits and career opportunities
  • Provide transparency to taxpayers
  • Reduce office traffic
  • Share common property and parcel records across departments, agencies and systems

About Tyler

At Tyler, it’s not about technology for technology’s sake. It’s about anticipating and responding to specific needs, empowering jurisdictions to deliver better and faster assistance to their citizens. More access to information. Reduced amounts of paper. Secure data that’s easy to manage and maintain. Faster results. Learn more about Tyler solutions and products »

What is a connected community?

A connected community is one in which government organizations are connected to each other and to their citizens through a thriving digital infrastructure provided by Tyler Technologies.

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