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71% of the public 
trusts local government
to handle problems*

As the most trusted level
of government, you can affect change not only in our communities, but in our states and in our country.

*Gallup, 09-19-16

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Connecting Process Communities

Connected communities start with products; products that work together in similar functional areas.

Tyler AllianceTyler Alliance integrates dispatch, law enforcement, emergency services, courts, prosecutor, corrections, and supervision systems.
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TylerNexusTyler Nexus connects appraisal, tax, records, community development, utility billing, finance, administration and school systems. 
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Just as a community needs a physical infrastructure to support roads, utilities, and building development, it needs a digital infrastructure to support the essential services that make government operate.

– Bruce Graham, Chief Strategy Officer

Independent but Connected

What if technology allowed each local government organization to operate independently, yet connect to their communities across city, county and regional lines?

What if?

  • Police officers could pre-book arrests en route to jail?
  • First responders had access to aerial and street level imagery before they arrive at the scene?
  • Residents could report potholes, street light outages,or graffiti via a mobile app?
  • Assessors, tax collectors, city planners, utilities and public safety worked from a common, shared parcel identifier?
  • Students were automatically enrolled in school and added to a bus route based on their home address?
  • Residents could use a single sign-on to access personalized local service information?

It’s possible.
Together, we can transform your community with:

  • Product families grouped by city and county services
  • A common foundation to all of our applications, offering consistent functionally and key capabilities such as authentication, mapping, workflow and more.
  • Shared data across agencies and jurisdictions
  • Connected apps for employees and personalized portals for the public.

We all want the same things from our communities — safe neighborhoods, good schools, a fair justice system, agencies we can count on, and honest, transparent government. We also want easy access to services and information — from banking and local news to online bill pay and crime reports.

Working in local government, you know information does not always flow as easily as it does in the private sector. Agencies typically operate in silos with limited to no data sharing. The more agencies and geographic boundaries, the greater the complexity. You are left to figure out how to get your work done by navigating across jurisdictions, data sets and access points.

Tyler has a solution — connect all essential city, county and regional government services within a healthy digital infrastructure and:

  • Break down geographic barriers between agencies and across jurisdictions
  • Share data and surface information easily
  • Connect critical processes automatically across boundaries
  • Engage citizens personally online.


The Power of Presence

More so than any company in the industry today, Tyler is uniquely positioned to join the essential services and processes of local government across city, county and regional lines.

Tyler Client Base



With the most diverse install base in the country, more than 15,000 public sector offices use Tyler products creating the network effect that powers connected communities.

The more agencies there are in connected communities, the more data is shared, the more processes are connected, and the more value is added - that's the network effect.

Empowering Connected Communities