Investigators Link Data to Connect and Close Dozens of Arson Cases

In the world of public safety, crime patterns are easy to identify when good data is available to analyze.

Over a three-year period, the Topeka Fire Dept. was dispatched to fires in vacant homes. The fires were set intentionally in blighted neighborhoods throughout the time span.

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Keeping Up with CAD

Take a look at these CAD stories and discover how dispatchers facilitated large call volumes and effectively managed patrol to keep communities safer.

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Dispatchers Coordinate Response During Toxic Gas Leak

When toxic gasses leaked from a food supply company, dispatchers knew first responders needed to be on the scene as quickly as possible.

From the moment the call for service came in, a chain of actions involving public safety personnel began.

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First Responders Access Critical Information During Gun Battle With Fugitive

First responders know that situations can go from bad to worse in a split second.

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Police Department Fights Increased Burglaries With Drug Taskforce

A sudden influx of gang activity and drug trafficking in the town of Levelland, Texas has saddled the 28 officers at the local police department full caseloads. Not only are they partnering with state and federal agencies to stop the gangs, but they are also managing the secondary crimes associated with drug use.

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