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The city of Clovis is located in Fresno County, California. It is recognized as the safest city in the Central Valley, which encompasses approximately 11 percent of California's total land area. Clovis has a population of approximately 108,000 in a 23 square-mile-area.

The city's proximity to Fresno, which has a population of approximately 500,000 and the second-highest property crime rate in the county, contributes to an increase of residential and vehicle burglaries in Clovis.

To keep this population safe, the Clovis Police Department (PD) uses New World Enterprise Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile Messaging, and Field Reporting software from Tyler Technologies.

The Challenge

Prior to using New World, the Clovis PD subscribed to the county sheriff's office's public safety software system. This meant the police department had little control over processes and data, which resulted in continuous requests to the sheriff's office for information. The system was incapable of providing patrol officers with the necessary functionality to do their jobs efficiently as it had the following deficiencies:

  • Inability to automatically refresh mobile CAD, causing patrol officers in the field to enter a query for all needed information
  • Data entry and report writing functionality was poor
  • The system generated error codes for all Incident-Based Reporting (IBR) and Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) entries

Officials with the Clovis PD decided that to better serve the Clovis community, they needed a public safety software system capable of meeting the needs of dispatchers, officers, and civilian staff.

The Solution

In 2013, the Clovis PD selected Tyler's New World Enterprise CAD, Law Enforcement Records Management, Mobile Messaging, Field Reporting, and Decision Support software solutions.

New World Enterprise CAD offers user-friendly, Windows-based technology with embedded Esri mapping technology, which helps dispatchers view available resources for better responses. These integrated solutions provide the Clovis PD with the technology necessary to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies.

The Results

By implementing New World public safety software solutions, the Clovis PD now experiences the following benefits:

  • Patrol officers have instant access to mission-critical data and better reporting capabilities
    • Mobile CAD refreshes automatically, providing up-to-the-second information regarding a call for service, subject or incident resulting in no down time.
    • Patrol officers can query names and photos and view global jackets from their patrol vehicles, increasing efficiency and time spent in the field.
    • Built-in copy-and-paste functionality helps officers save and repurpose information, which streamlines workflow and helps them stay in the field longer.
  • Dispatchers customize workflow with New World Enterprise CAD to streamline processes
    • Working directly from the command line in the dispatch software allows dispatchers to enter commands, which drastically reduces the need to switch or toggle through different screens.
    • Each dispatcher can set templates (which includes window locations and size, grid columns, and the user interface) to their own specification
      • These templates can be loaded on any machine and instantly generate personalized or supervisor-mandated setup.
      • Dispatchers feel comfortable using any work station knowing their specific setup is available.
    • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) functionality in CAD helps dispatchers send faster responses
      • AVL allows dispatchers to view where all first responders' units are on the digital map to send the closest available unit, regardless of beat.
      • Perimeters can be established when necessary in the event of a foot or vehicle chase.
  • Instant access to data in New World helps crime analysts identify trends and generate reports to command staff and law enforcement officers creating proactive policing measures
    • Reports show number of arrests and citations over a given period to show what officers are doing in the field.
    • More data helps intelligence-led policing efforts and stops crime before it happens.
    • Information pulled from New World helps command staff deploy resources, identify specific details related to surveillance activities, and make connections in data to predict, prevent, and reduce crime.

"The Clovis Police Department is not a statistic-driven agency, but we like to know what our officers are doing while in the field," Sergeant James Munro said. "The New World products help us engage in community policing so that we can gather intelligence, make connections, and prevent issues before they happen."


Sworn officers, command staff, and civilian employees continue to work to make the community safer through proactive policing. To do this, they rely on their public safety software to help them gather intelligence, streamline processes, and increase efficiency.

Industry-leading New World public safety software from Tyler has a proven track record of providing agencies across the country with fully-integrated software designed to help public safety personnel save lives and increase efficiency.

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New World public safety software from Tyler offers fully-integrated and multi-jurisdictional solutions for law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies. Highly configurable, this system is designed to meet the unique needs of any agency.

About Clovis Police Department
Customer Since 2013
Population 108,000
Solutions Used Enterprise CAD, Records, Mobile, Field Reporting, and Decision Support
Square Miles Served 23

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