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Grand Prairie is a mid-sized community with a population of 180,000. It is located in the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, which has a population of six million. It is a popular entertainment destination and accessible via major thoroughfares, which increases the amount of traffic in the city and surrounding areas.

To effectively patrol this traffic and provide ticketing and documentation in collisions, the Grand Prairie Police Dept. and Grand Prairie Municipal Court use Brazos eCitation solution from Tyler Technologies.

The Challenge

Prior to using Brazos, police and court clerks struggled with their electronic ticketing processes in the following ways:

  • Police officers issuing tickets spent up to 10 minutes on the roadside issuing citations, which increased their risk of injury
    • Few automatic, drop-down choices meant officers spent more time on the roadside filling out citations
    • Without voice recording options, officers were required to type all notes into the ticket reader
  • Court clerks entered hundreds of citations per day
    • Deciphering handwriting added to the time spent entering citations into the system
    • Illegible citations were tossed out of court

Police officers and court officials wanted a product that could automate the data collection processes involved in citation and crash report writing to do the following:

  • Decrease the amount of time spent during the ticketing writing process
  • Improve safety of officers on the roadside
  • Streamline the data collection process when writing a citation or filling out a crash report
  • Automate data entry of tickets into the court's systems
  • Eliminate errors in ticketing

The Solution

In 2012, the Grand Prairie Police Dept. and Municipal Court purchased Brazos eCitation solution from Tyler Technologies.

The Results

Through implementing the Brazos solution, the Grand Prairie PD and court experience the following benefits:

  • Reduction in time spent roadside issuing citations
    • Before Brazos, officers spent up to 10 minutes issuing tickets, but that time has been reduced to 4-5 minutes with the auto-population of information made possible through scanning a driver's license and registration
    • Drop-down choices available in Brazos help reduce the amount of typing officers are required to do when issuing a citation
    • Voice recording allows for officers to attach verbal notes to a citation, which can be used during pre-trial processes
  • Improved accuracy
    • Scanning a driver's license and registration with a ticket reader ensures accurate information is uploaded onto the ticket forms
      • This eliminates court clerks from having to decipher handwriting and having to dismiss a ticket due to illegibility
    • With the ability to take a color or monochrome photo with the ticket reader, evidence can be attached to the citation or crash report
      • This information can be used during a discovery or pre-trial docket precluding the officer from attending these court sessions
      • Photos can be taken of the driver, scene, radar or any other unique element of the citation or crash report
      • Photos of the driver ensure tickets are issued to the right individual, which is beneficial in instances where a driver's licenses may have been stolen
  • Enhanced features allow for more efficiency at the scene of a citation or crash
    • Brazos provides officers with a notification when there is an active warrant out for an individual, which allows officers to arrest individuals on the scene without having to make a call to dispatch for verification
    • Tow slip functionality allows for electronic processing of a tow request when necessary
    • Driver's license and vehicle information can be printed from the ticket reader and given to parties involved in a fender bender so accurate information is shared between drivers

"The best thing about Brazos is that it gives officers the ability to spend less time on the road and minimizes exposure to potential danger," Sgt. Eric Hansen of the Grand Prairie Police Dept. said. "Brazios offers a robust reporting and back office system that makes research and updates easy and efficient. Other benefits like the voice notes, color and monochrome cameras, and multiple programs other than eCitation make Brazos the best fit for our agency."


With Brazos, the Grand Prairie PD and court experience more efficiency and improved accuracy throughout the electronic ticketing process. Officers stay safer when issuing a citation, court clerks spend less time entering information, and accuracy is improved, so fewer citations are dismissed.

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